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Live Loud Nuts 3 pack Bundle

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This box is a testament to the Live Loud lifestyle, crafted for those who savor life with every bold and flavorful bite.

Inside this box, you'll can fill it with three bags of our discover our two signature flavors (3.5 oz), crafted to ignite your taste buds:

  1. Caribbean Jerk Seasoned Nuts: Embark on a sweet, spicy and savory adventure with our Caribbean Jerk Seasoned Nuts. Infused with the vibrant flavors of the tropics, each nut is a symphony of bold spices, transporting you to the lively and energetic spirit of the Caribbean. It's a savory escape that invites you to embrace the Live Loud attitude.

  2. Candied Citrus Pistachios: Indulge your senses in the zesty and sweet allure of our Candied Citrus Pistachios. Each pistachio is coated in a delightful blend of crystallized orange infused sugar, creating a harmonious balance of tangy and sweet orange notes. It's a citrusy rendezvous that embodies the vibrant and lively essence of Live Loud Foods.

For the unboxing experience the box comes with the first edition of our Live Loud Newspaper adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation. Whether you're treating yourself or gifting it to a fellow flavor enthusiast, this box is a symbol of our commitment to living life to the fullest.

Box Size: "7.5 x 7.5" x2"